Month: March 2022

the big hit

But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard said Dylan.

Does it seem like I care you still hit my Lulu said Mrs. Steven

Well this was the day when I accidently hit  Mrs. Stevens dog

it was a tiny little dog and it always caused trouble for me. It chewed up all my flowers that looked amazing if you ask me.

any way back to the story I was playing with Lulu at my house and I accidently hit Lulu in the belly and winded her she was a ting dog and I just  nicked her and she fell to the ground. NEVER TRUST YOUR NEIGHBOURS DOG.

a day at the beach

It is time to go to the beach shouted sally.

Mum can I bring my snorkel and flippers please asked April. Ok but you have to be careful and don’t go to far said mum.

As we went to the car April put her snorkel and flippers in the back of the car.

April went springing out of the car and ran to the beach put her snorkel and flippers on and raced in to the deep blue water.

as she got farther and farther she saw a gentle octopus pass her and headed for a white piano she followed it then it went dark.