Month: May 2022

family dinner

It was Christmas eve and Isla was preparing the famous Addams family dinner. Isla had found a big round cabbage to put in her soup. As Isla was nervously cutting all the vegetables she heard a big loud bang. She quickly ran outside to find that lightning has struck her crop. She ran into her dads shed and told him the news her dad was devastated. Isla went back to the house to find out that her brother Hunter has pit grey food die in her perfect soup. How could you do that. And then the family dinner was ruined.

the silver iron

It was the 8th of may 1855.

The rain was poring ever so heavy. It was world war 1 there was trenches everywhere and people were hurt.

100 years later a famous explorer Margret MacDonald wondered through the filed where the war happened the grass was burned and bodies were left lying on the filed. Margret thought it would be a good idea to explore the tents. she found a silver iron placed on the flor she wondered what it could be she picked it up and found her great great grandmothers name engraved on the left bottom side of the silver iron.