Month: June 2022

a little misshape

Hurry up called sally we might get caught. No need to worry said molly its not like we will get caught.

Don’t be so sure about that said Aynslee Mrs. James is coming. HIDE yelled Claire NOT SO FAST GIRLS said Mrs. James. You could get a serious injury if you do that. Are we in trouble said Aynslee. ARE YOU IN TROUBLE YES YOU ARE shouted Mrs. James. We were in trouble. And then the bell went Aynslee and Claire had to sit in the principals office until their parents came. But their parents didn’t look mad at all…..

flying scooters are the future

It was 2047 and this was the year when flying scooters came out.

It was Monday and ruby was riding her black scooter. But it was not a normal scooter it was a flying scooter. flying scooters were all the rage that year. Every body had them kids adults and even OLD PEOPLE. They might brake a  hip you might be thinking but no there is a special seat you can put on it even has a huge basket attached to it for their shopping bags. Ruby loves her scooter it’s her pride and joy

Do you want a flying scooter?