Month: August 2022

little fairies😊

In a big house in Townsville there is a tiny green ladder and a tiny white door. Some say that little fairies live in there. Every night when everyone is asleep the little fairies go out and place little things around peoples houses like little jars of fairy dust. There is almost one in everyone’s house. But some don’t see them. Accept one little girl she saw them the little girl described them as pretty and sparkly. Some don’t believe her well older people. But that little girl knows she saw them and that is all she needs to know.

the war

31st of April 1975 the Vietnam war has ended. This war was terrible lots of loved ones have been lost.

Molly was a 11 year old girl and she has lost her father to the war. After Molly’s dads funeral everyone left and molly was the only one there. Molly was at her fathers grave talking to him as if he were there. Then with a tear she turned and walked away. As she headed to her mum molly found a stray kitten on the side of the road. Molly scooped up the kitten and went home happily with her new kitten.

the main event

It was 2078 and there was a horse show in town. There was brown horses with pink saddles. The horses had to stay in a big room with concrete floors and cobwebs in the corners. There was no food for the horses they must of been hungry. people from allover came through the big revolving doors. The first event was show jumping it is when horses jump over poles. There are many other events but show jumping was the main event. all the stands were full of little kids and adults. And then i woke up it was all a dream.