the mysterious house 😧

Day 47. I was trapped in a very scary house. The windows were broken and it was dark and gloomy. I don’t know who put me in here it was all a blur. But what i do know it that if i ever see them again i will have A MOUTH FULL TO SAY TO THEM. Wait do you hear that it is footsteps. Oh no they are coming towards me i found a old bit of wood and i am ready to fight. HELLO i yelled. Ahh hello little girl said a strange man. What do you want.


little fairies😊

In a big house in Townsville there is a tiny green ladder and a tiny white door. Some say that little fairies live in there. Every night when everyone is asleep the little fairies go out and place little things around peoples houses like little jars of fairy dust. There is almost one in everyone’s house. But some don’t see them. Accept one little girl she saw them the little girl described them as pretty and sparkly. Some don’t believe her well older people. But that little girl knows she saw them and that is all she needs to know.

the war

31st of April 1975 the Vietnam war has ended. This war was terrible lots of loved ones have been lost.

Molly was a 11 year old girl and she has lost her father to the war. After Molly’s dads funeral everyone left and molly was the only one there. Molly was at her fathers grave talking to him as if he were there. Then with a tear she turned and walked away. As she headed to her mum molly found a stray kitten on the side of the road. Molly scooped up the kitten and went home happily with her new kitten.

the main event

It was 2078 and there was a horse show in town. There was brown horses with pink saddles. The horses had to stay in a big room with concrete floors and cobwebs in the corners. There was no food for the horses they must of been hungry. people from allover came through the big revolving doors. The first event was show jumping it is when horses jump over poles. There are many other events but show jumping was the main event. all the stands were full of little kids and adults. And then i woke up it was all a dream.

a little misshape

Hurry up called sally we might get caught. No need to worry said molly its not like we will get caught.

Don’t be so sure about that said Aynslee Mrs. James is coming. HIDE yelled Claire NOT SO FAST GIRLS said Mrs. James. You could get a serious injury if you do that. Are we in trouble said Aynslee. ARE YOU IN TROUBLE YES YOU ARE shouted Mrs. James. We were in trouble. And then the bell went Aynslee and Claire had to sit in the principals office until their parents came. But their parents didn’t look mad at all…..

flying scooters are the future

It was 2047 and this was the year when flying scooters came out.

It was Monday and ruby was riding her black scooter. But it was not a normal scooter it was a flying scooter. flying scooters were all the rage that year. Every body had them kids adults and even OLD PEOPLE. They might brake a  hip you might be thinking but no there is a special seat you can put on it even has a huge basket attached to it for their shopping bags. Ruby loves her scooter it’s her pride and joy

Do you want a flying scooter?


family dinner

It was Christmas eve and Isla was preparing the famous Addams family dinner. Isla had found a big round cabbage to put in her soup. As Isla was nervously cutting all the vegetables she heard a big loud bang. She quickly ran outside to find that lightning has struck her crop. She ran into her dads shed and told him the news her dad was devastated. Isla went back to the house to find out that her brother Hunter has pit grey food die in her perfect soup. How could you do that. And then the family dinner was ruined.

the silver iron

It was the 8th of may 1855.

The rain was poring ever so heavy. It was world war 1 there was trenches everywhere and people were hurt.

100 years later a famous explorer Margret MacDonald wondered through the filed where the war happened the grass was burned and bodies were left lying on the filed. Margret thought it would be a good idea to explore the tents. she found a silver iron placed on the flor she wondered what it could be she picked it up and found her great great grandmothers name engraved on the left bottom side of the silver iron.

the big hit

But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard said Dylan.

Does it seem like I care you still hit my Lulu said Mrs. Steven

Well this was the day when I accidently hit  Mrs. Stevens dog

it was a tiny little dog and it always caused trouble for me. It chewed up all my flowers that looked amazing if you ask me.

any way back to the story I was playing with Lulu at my house and I accidently hit Lulu in the belly and winded her she was a ting dog and I just  nicked her and she fell to the ground. NEVER TRUST YOUR NEIGHBOURS DOG.

a day at the beach

It is time to go to the beach shouted sally.

Mum can I bring my snorkel and flippers please asked April. Ok but you have to be careful and don’t go to far said mum.

As we went to the car April put her snorkel and flippers in the back of the car.

April went springing out of the car and ran to the beach put her snorkel and flippers on and raced in to the deep blue water.

as she got farther and farther she saw a gentle octopus pass her and headed for a white piano she followed it then it went dark.