the plain ride

”Can I check your passport?” he asked ”Oh yes yes” I said. ”I will just get it out of my bag, 1 second here you go”. ”why thankyou you may go through have a lovely flight said the security man. Thankyou I said.

It was a long time on the plain but it was a good experience. I would need to get used to it especially if I will be doing it once a month I thought to my self.


Look at that water fall it even has a rainbow forming over it.

”Everyone please remain seated while we land thankyou”.

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  1. hello Matilda I loved how you said that the waterfall had a rainbow forming over it it really captured a picture in my mind there are only a few things that you could work on, 1 instead of thankyou I said you could have added speech-marks (same with have a lovely flight) 2 plane is spelt wrong! but other than those few things you did really well

    sincerely Annie!

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